I Love my Wife

By the time this blog post goes up, Ivy and I will be sitting down to the midnight showing. By the time most of you read this, we will have already seen it, gone to bed and woken up again.

It’s not because I’m the comic book guy dragging his long-suffering spouse along. No, no. It was Ivy’s idea. She just really, really wanted to do it. She was literally hopping up and down, I kid you not.

Neither of us expects it to be a *great* movie exactly. We figure it’ll be slightly better or slightly worse than the first one (which, for what it was, was pretty good) but we know we’ll love every minute of him because he really is a joy to watch, and we’ll enjoy doing something fun and slightly stupid in each others’ company.

And yeah, yeah, whatever, whatever… I passed caring years ago. I am Mr. Fusion. I can take the popcorn with the caviar and sort it all out on the back end.

When it comes to comics, I’ll never be satisfied. I’ll always search out the true gems and shovel aside the crap. I’ll see every flaw in everything I read and everything I draw. It’s why I sometimes lose touch with what it is to be a reader only. It’s why I haven’t read an Iron Man comic in years—which is kind of sad when you think about it.

But for a big dumb superhero movie, I can sit back, enjoy the show, hold hands with the squeeing fangirl I married, and give thanks that I pretty much got exactly the life I dreamed of when I was 15 years-old.

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  1. Best thing I’ve read all day, man. Awesome.

  2. Jill Marie says:

    Looking forward to the movie very much! Taking the kids and the old man tonight….I feel the same way about being fortunate to enjoy the enjoyment of the person seated next to me!
    I love comic book movies….well there are a few that could of been skipped but overall…excitement, jumping up and down and laughter! Thanks for the great post! I follow you on twitter!

  3. Ben V. says:

    I think your wife and my wife should get together 😉

  4. Gus Ruiz says:

    Excellent note and a very fun read! I agree 100%…being able to enjoy pop entertainment does not cancel out the joy of analyzing critical stuff…especially when you can share it with your wife! My humble Kudos to you, Mr. Fusion! (P.S. My wife was more excited about IM2 than me also, which is to say a lot!…must be a Robert Downey Jr. thing!).

  5. Hooray! Loving your wife is awesome!

    For some reason, I’m reminded of the last one of these, even though it clearly won’t be that way for you and Ivy.

  6. Brandon Barrows says:

    The best comic book movies are not straight adaptations (with the exception of Watchmen; it didn’t capture everything, but that was as good a comic adaptation as I think is possible to achieve), but movies lovingly inspired by the original material.

    The first two Blade movies and the first two (recent) Spider-Man movies are great examples. They are not not so much adaptations as original pieces retelling stories the filmmakers, or at least the script writers, obviously love.

  7. I love the movie. My gf got us tickets to a double feature with the first movie and then a midnight showing of Iron Man 2.

  8. Theo Macdonald says:

    That’s weird, cos I live all the way in New Zealand and saw the movie a week ago at the cinema.

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  10. I hear you. Still, I stubbornly hold to my superhero fare, as it is an alternate form of my favorite fiction: science fiction. The big “what if”. If it asks “what if”, and it’s got a lot of cool ideas, and it doesn’t forget human beings, well…I”m a sucker for it.

  11. Lee says:

    You and your wife are the ideal couple 😀 I hope my boyfriend and I end up as happy as you guys 🙂 (especially since we totally acted the same way when we watched iron man 2)