Time and Again by Jacques Khouri

Here’s an elegant variation on some spatial ideas that’ll be familiar to regular readers (at least the theory nerds among you).

I liked it a lot. You might too.

Thanks to Rachelle for the pointer.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. Fantastic work. The grammarian in me would like to see a bit more space between “every” and “day.” The comics lover in me was wholly satisfied.

    The 3-d recalls the spatial layout of a manga you pointed us to a few months back, Shintaro Kago’s Abstraction, right?

  2. Jeremy says:

    A wonderful video!.. It is kind of neat to see your book in action, so to speak!.. Jacques did a elegant job with this!.. =)

  3. Felipo says:

    very cool. speaking of theory. is there a podcast i can listen to that’s mostly about comics theory and comics industry issues?

  4. Matthew Marcus says:

    Oh lord…I have to do it…

    “Is it comics???!!!”

    I say yes. It’s animation heavy for sure, but there is a strong presence of closure between distinct forms. And even though the animation controls a lot of the pacing, many compositions were static enough that I was able to “read” the panels at my own leisure, sometimes to look at what came before and sometimes to sneak a peak at what was coming next.

  5. R. A. says:

    It’s McLuhan. Thanks Scott. It’s McLuhan.

  6. hey thanks guys for the comments and thank you m McCloud for posting it. My inspiration were for sure M Ware and also M Tom Gauld.

    It was a project i did within the context of the sequential classes i was taking. I tried to merge animation (my profession) with principles of comics (panels, pacing, text vs images, etc).

    again thank you and hope you guys enjoyed it

    • Scott says:

      It’s great work, Jacques. Thanks for checking in!

      Have you seen the Ira Glass/Chis Ware “Lost Buildings” DVD? I think you might enjoy it.

  7. John says:

    Fascinating. The pacing was perfect and complemented the subject matter to a tee.