Now That’s an Experimental Comic

You know you’re entering strange territory when the first line in the “About” paragraph is an Apollinaire quote.

For that matter, you know you’re in strange territory when the artist in question is veteran DIY avante garde comics artist Warren Craghead.

From the Download page at Diffusion.uk:

A Sort of Autobiography is a possible story of Warren Craghead’s life projected both back to his birth in 1970 and forward to his death in 2060. Each decade of his life is represented by a storycube as a rough self-portrait. Drawn in various styles and encoded in different ways, the cubes tell a story of transformations – of mark-making, of physical appearance and of a life seen through drawing.

Via Matthew Brady who has some smart observations on the project.

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  1. Nate Bear says:

    It’s comics like this that make wonder if i should feel inspired or just give up.

  2. Fantastic. I love it.

  3. Ed says:


  4. wwc says:

    Thanks for the link Scott!

  5. Hi everybody!

    I think i’ve done a similar thing, that you can find here: