I Say Dry Erase Girl is Comics

What do you think?

(Real or not, it’s pretty funny, if you haven’t seen it already)

Mentioned this on Twitter and had a few forerunners pointed out to me including:

80,000 Words by Mark Rosewater (2006) (via Michael Slone)

An untitled photo series by Miranda July (via Lane Kneedler)

And Andrew McDonald’s excellent A Pictorial Guide to Avoiding Camera Loss (via Rachelle M)

Discussion (12)¬

  1. Wood says:

    Well it’s a form of photo-comic of course.

    That being said, my first thought when I saw this was “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably isn’t”, and BoingBoing seems to think the same, and provide some evidence that it’s probably a fake :


  2. Antoine says:

    yes, this was very well done. It’s also official that is a hoax. But still, very funny.

    There’s even an “epilogue” to the story:

    Entire article on the hoax and the How they planned it, pretty cool follow-up article actually.

  3. Will Curwin says:

    NOW THAT is how to quit your job!

  4. […] So it goes. You can also see some more examples on his blog. […]

  5. Pat Race says:

    I don’t understand the point. The only reason it would be funny is if it was real, as a hoax it’s a flat tire. If you’re going to call something a hoax then put some effort into it.. http://www.olypen.com/sitkacds/porky.htm

  6. Jono says:

    What about the precursors set to music??

  7. Jono says:

    Okay, the URL didn’t work. So search you tube for
    el cerebro subterranean

  8. Definitely comics. Good idea.

  9. Stephen says:

    I’m trying to find a reason this wouldn’t be comics, but I think it fits the bill. And I read too much of A Softer World to ever disparage photo comics. 🙂

    What I’d love to see now are some snarky *illustrated* comics given to former employers. Anyone know of any?

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