…the whole family is coming your way in February for Webstock! I’m assured it’s the mostest bestest scientifically proven amazingest conference ever, so if you’re in the web design field or anything like it, convince your boss to let you to register today.

We’ll have more details on our trip in the coming weeks, but rest assured, we’re already slated to visit one of New Zealand’s greatest tourist attractions, the mighty Dylan Horrocks, before heading home.

As for the near future (and a slightly nearer destination) I’m off to NYC Saturday for next week’s Education Nation Summit. Back to Blogging next Friday. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kurt Busiek says:

    Very cool! We’ve been to New Zealand a couple of times, and have gotten to see Auckland, Wellington, the Bay of Islands, Queenstown and Lake Taupo. But I want to go back — we only got one free day in Wellington, which is gorgeous. And I want to see Christchurch, Dunedin and all the art deco in Napier.

  2. Karl Zimmerman says:

    Catherine (who’s in England now) will be jealous! Have a blast!

  3. Can’t wait!!! Yay!!!

  4. Sam Orchard says:

    Ah, so awesome!! There’s no way I’d ever be able to afford to go, but still – hope you enjoy our country 🙂

  5. NZBookgirl says:

    It would be totally great if you could come to Auckland as well. I’m sure we could set up a gig for you to speak if you were keen.

    • Scott says:

      Auckland is *very* likely on the weekend.

      If there’s any sort of get together, it may be of a more informal nature to avoid competing with Webstock, but we’ll definitely let everyone know in the coming weeks as plans firm up.

  6. Theo Macdonald says:

    Is there any chance of a talk outside the conference?

  7. Theo Macdonald says:

    That is, will you be giving any speech type things outside of Webstock?

  8. Yaay – very cool you’re coming, looking forward to it