The Internet of Things?

Not comics-related, but I found this article about the impending availability of more wireless spectrum kind of interesting, and I liked the little “Internet of Things” video IBM put together (found via Mark Essel). For a corporate promo, it does a decent job of visualizing legitimately interesting issues, without just shilling for a specific product.*

Big companies seem to be doing a better job of earning those little logos in the last few seconds of their videos ( the herding cats video for example). More are earning at least an “aww” or a “hmm” from us. Fewer just an “oy.”

*though, as the article points out, it may be shilling for a less-than-desirable world, privacy-wise.


  1. george says:

    Wow, thank you Scott! The IOT video was very different from what my colleagues normally produce here at IBM, and I am really happy you connected with it in some small way. I have a second vid in the same vein coming next week on System of Systems. Our stuff can be found on the IBM Social Media YouTube channel. Thanks again. -George