…and More Sick Days

@ivyratafia has the details on Twitter:

Dr. Dan (who’s been much help) says: @scottmccloud has a celiac artery dissection. The treatment is BP reduction. He’s going to be OK.

Unfortunately, I also have limited Web access. Hope to be blogging again Monday.

Basically, I was at Neil’s 50th birthday party here in New Orleans for about 5 minutes.

New Orleans looks very hospital-like this time.

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  1. Amy K. says:

    I hope you’re quickly on the mend and get a chance to enjoy NO a little bit.

  2. Mistress Mousey says:

    Bummer! Recover quickly! That’s not the way one should remember visits to NOLA.

  3. Da Scritch says:

    Hope you will be fine soon.
    And hoping meeting you again at Angoulême

  4. emi says:

    I’m scared!

    I know a celiac artery dissection is nothing close to aorta artery dissection. please, take good control of your BP, from now on. lose some weight, don’t eat salt and enjoy your kids growing older, and your grandchildren without being a couch grandfather.

  5. Jim O. says:

    I hope you’re feeling OK, and are back to a new and better normal soon…

  6. Thinking of you and hope you’re back to 100% soon. I was gobsmacked to hear you were in hospital! We miss you guy, take care.

  7. Tom Galloway says:

    So I take it you initially thought this was a kidney stone? Get better soon!

  8. sketch says:

    Big fan but never commented. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. cat garza says:

    pls get better soon!! and take care of yourself! we need you around for while longer!

  10. Sir, I know you’ll be fine. But I just wanna take the oportunity to thank you for being a hero for me and many other who follow your steps!
    Get well, sir!

  11. T Campbell says:

    Get well soon, Scott!

  12. Matt Forbeck says:

    Ouch! Sounds like you’re in great hands though. I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Carol Elaine says:

    Feel better soon, Scott. Staying in the hospital is no way to spend time in New Orleans!

    (Yes, this is my first comment here ever [though we have a mutual friend in Krystal]. Wishing you super medical mojo!)

  14. Lori J says:

    Hi, Scott, Ivy. I’m so sorry I didn’t know- I don’t tweet and haven’t been following facebook closely lately.

    I hope you are well soon. Please call if you need anything. Driving, groceries?

  15. Despite the ubiquitous presence of diagrams on the walls, hospitals are no fun! Hoping for a quick and thorough recovery.

  16. Ronda Voorhis says:

    Sorry to hear. Hope you are back to the drawing board soon. You touch the hearts of lots of people you don’t even know.

  17. Tony Hayward says:

    I’m sure the gulf of mexico is happy to hear that 🙂

  18. Philip Nel says:

    Hi, Scott. Gosh, sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital instead of out on the town. Thanks to you and Ivy for letting us know what’s up. Sorry the prognosis is complicated, but glad to know you’ll be OK. Here’s to a swift recovery! If you’d like any mixes as you convalesce, just tell me where to send ’em, OK?

  19. Bluus says:

    Yikes! I hope you’re feeling better soon! Sounds like you need to take better care of yourself, both for you and for all of us!

  20. Max West says:

    Hope you recover quickly, Mr. McCloud.

  21. Pat Race says:

    While you’ve infiltrated the hospital I hope you’ll leave a few good comics in the waiting room for some bored kid to discover amongst the ten year old copies of Highlights and People magazine.

    Get well soon. The world needs the Johnny Appleseed of comics out traveling and talking and watering new ideas.

  22. ACGalaga says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re ok.

  23. Here’s hoping for a swift recovery. Take care.

  24. Michaelk42 says:

    Sorry to hear, but glad they figured out what it is. Do get better. If they throw Lisinopril at you for the BP, it might make you a bit lightheaded the first few days.

  25. Brett Harder says:

    I figure one more person sending you get well wishes won’t hurt. Hope you’re feeling better!

  26. steve weiner says:

    I hope you’re feeling better, Scott!

  27. Josh Neufeld says:

    Hey Scott, So sorry to hear you were hospitalized. Especially on Neil Gaiman’s 50th birthday! Especially in New Orleans! Glad to hear you’re doing better, and on the mend. Be well.

  28. I’m glad you’re in good hands, get and stay well. We need you.

  29. Bizhan K says:

    Glad you to hear you are doing better. Rest well.

  30. Kdg says:

    Get well soon Scott!

  31. Heidi M. says:

    Fer cryin’ out loud, feel better, Scott!

  32. Yikes! If anyone can send this prognosis home with it’s tail between it’s legs, it’s you! Best of blessings to you.

  33. Best wishes to you! I had a kidney stone at the tender age of fourteen, and the event and all the surrounding terror was one of the most dramatic incidents of my life… All the best and a quick recovery.

  34. Mike Cagle says:

    An arterial dissection is a scary thing! Do the docs feel like the dissection will heal up on its own? I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t decide to place a stent. In any case, I’m glad you’re feeling better and have a good prognosis! I just read about this on Mark Evanier’s blog, and then Ivy’s. (Neil Gaiman hasn’t yet posted anything about it but I’m sure he will.) I’m a big fan, seen you lecture several times, and coiincidentally, I work as a medical illustrator for a company that makes stents, among other things. Anyway — stay well!

    • Scott says:

      They did, in fact, talk about putting in a stent during my days in New Orleans’ Touro Hospital, but in the end, because blood was flowing on both sides evenly, they felt I could get along with BP lowering and follow-up with others on this end.

      Ironically, I probably will have to put up with a stent in the end—for the damned kidney stone!

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