Old Man Gaiman

Neil in Ojai with Sky and Winter a few years ago

Our old—and I do mean OLD—friend Neil turns 50 years old today and the family and I are here in New Orleans to join in a little celebration tonight.

Some say that Mr. G isn’t like us mere mortals. That he doesn’t age the way we do. That he is impervious to the ravages of time and will wander the Earth millennia after the memories of all humankind have passed forever from this plane.

Well… maybe…

But don’t believe everything you hear.

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  1. rs agree!

    Thank you, I am Brazilian and would like to thank for his book, Making Comics has helped me a lot. Congratulations for your work.

    How to say in my country,


    Douglas Docelino

    ps: Forgive my bad English.

  2. Bluus says:

    Ahhh I love Neil Gaiman, he’s one of my favorite writers. It’s crazy to think he’s twice my age, haha.

    I hope the party is a blast for him and everyone^^

  3. Chindiana says:

    WAS a huge gaiman fan. He WAS God! I have every comic and every book he’s ever written even where he over sees the a collection of Filipino comic writers who comes up with local tales. However I think he’s slacking a bit and recycling most of his stuff. I felt Eternals was a little uninspired. Am still a fan though so will look out for his next ORIGINAL work.

    Sorry dude, i just wandered over here from Carlos’ site. Thanks and have a geat day ahead!

  4. John says:

    Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore in a discussion about Utopia. More specifically, Miracle Man:


    Ideas, like people, never get old. They only get better ideas. May the juices of creativity flow onwards!