STANFORD: Thursday Night!

If my body doesn’t have any other booby traps in store, I’ll be lecturing at Stanford University this Thursday at 6pm.

Spread the word and I’ll see you there.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Toni says:

    Thanks for the awesome talk and congratulations on surviving the hour. I was too shy (and too overwhelmed with geeky joy) to ask any questions at the time, but I do have one, sort of —

    If people prefer horizontally-oriented reading interfaces to vertical ones, why are sideways scrolling comics so annoying? It’s easier to read Emily Carroll’s vertical comics than comics like The Pale (http://www.thepale.net/).

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for coming! I had a great time. 🙂

      As for horizontal scrolling, I think it can be done well, it’s just that vertical has become something of a default setting for a lot of us on the web.

      Check out demian5’s classic When I am King for some cool horizontal fun.

      • Toni says:

        That is one raunchy camel. I love these character designs, gah. Thanks for the rec. 🙂

        Hast thou read Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name yet? Not infinite canvas or even scrolling, but it is horizontally oriented and totally adorable.

  2. Mark Clegg says:

    It was good to see you on Thursday and exchange a couple of comments. I meant it when I said you were a great ambassador for comics. I wouldn’t want to disrupt that, or your creative work. There is an issue between us but I wouldn’t want that to hinder your activities of the last 15 years or your current and future efforts.