I Have Nothing Interesting to Say Today…

…so here’s a picture of William Howard Taft:

Have a great weekend!

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Bluus says:

    Taft had a pretty sweet mustache.

  2. Bonzi77 says:

    Ohh, I’d Taft that.

  3. John says:

    He looks like a grinning walrus.

    (goo goo ga choob)

  4. My friend, when commenting on the immensity of a person, will say, “He’s not just fat, he’s Taft fat.”

    • Bonzi77 says:

      He didn’t get stuck in that bathtub. The bathtub was getting lonely and didn’t want to let a man with such a great mustache go.

  5. Eh! says:

    You know, General Burnside (a general for the Union during the CIvil War in the UNited States) had this RIDICULOUS mustache. The Sideburn was named after him.