Not Even REMOTELY Safe for Work

Why yes, I’m willing to link to porn comics.

If they’re funny, creative, and only slightly evil.

Especially liked this one.


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  1. theriverlady says:

    “Not even REMOTELY safe for work.” Or school, which is where I am. Guess which comic I’m not reading!

  2. ‘Funny, creative and only slightly evil’.
    Checked. That’s actually of very good taste.

  3. Matt says:

    Long-time fan of this one. You may find yourself re-reading the archive if you didn’t realize most of them have an extra joke in the mouseover alt-text.

  4. Navy Bean says:

    I’ve never been so attracted to made-up women in my life.

    Oh who I am kidding, I’ve had a thing for Helen Hunt for years.

  5. Chris Howard says:

    Oglaf has two things going for it. It’s really good looking comics work, both art and writing. AND it’s actually funny! Never quite the correct time to check each weeks new strip, but I always try and find a private minute.

    Not sure I could find an opportunity for wearing that t-shirt though…

  6. vgWyvern says:

    Hahaha Nice. This comic is amazing. Been reading this one for a while. If you go to the archive, it indicates which ones are safe for work.

  7. Eeuww! Funny but gross. I blame my ‘girlness’, sorry guys.

  8. Bluus says:

    While the art there looks pretty nice gonna have to skip this one…not so much into the porny type stuff. Always found it to be rather unnecessary in a good (or bad) story.

    • Erica says:

      In this case, the porn is necessary, because the porn IS the story. The comic wouldn’t be what it is without it. It’s hilarious.

    • Coentje says:

      Why? I understand if jokes involving sex themes are just not your cup of tea, but avoiding something because there are elements that don’t add something?

      And is this porn? Meh, sex jokes yes, porn not so much.

      • Scott says:

        Technically, no, it’s not really “porn” per se, more a “sex comedy.” I just said that ’cause it sounded a bit funnier in the blog post (and to warn people that yes it was very explicit stuff).

  9. Coentje says:

    I once had this very weird situation with a girl who happens to be a complete comic geek. I was quoting a non-sex joke from Oglaf and she just looked at me; “Oh my do you read Oglaf? me too!”

  10. mmgood says:

    Troo-DEE! Troo-DEE!

  11. Lilith says:

    Huzzah! Oglaf is hilarious. 🙂

  12. tensaimon says:

    that IS hilarious, and has just sucked (umm…) up more of my worktime than I really had to spare (I’m working at home, of course). Great stuff, and fascinating that it’s by a female cartoonist, I would never have guessed.

  13. Will Curwin says:

    Doesn’t your wife know you look this stuff up?

  14. Will Curwin says:

    …. also (pun intended) you got alot of balls talking about porn on your site. Most people are afrid to talk about period.

  15. Krudge says:

    Oh hey, thanks for reminding me! I discovered this one a while back and really enjoyed it but I forgot about it until now.
    I also never made the connection between this and platinum grit, but it makes sense in retrospect.

  16. fake name says:

    I’ve been reading this one for a while! I use my real name online though, so I never admit to liking this! (except anonymously)
    ‘m an Australian, and I like the jab this comic takes at Aussie porn laws by depicted a small-breasted woman as the main female character! Small breasted women are said to look too much like children to be photographed for porn in Australia, its silly. Good on you, Oglaf!

  17. John says:

    This is an excellent comic, but I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I read it. I sometimes find myself quoting some of the less explicit comics and hoping nobody realizes what I’m referencing (they have on a few occasions).

  18. I am completely in love! This comic feels all my dirty humor needs. Thank you so much for turning us all on to it!