Someday, All Comics Will Look like This:

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  1. Hannes says:

    Thats kinda cute actually … but I think if the kids get a hand on popelshop csXY in time, they gonna use more subtle texture and lines ;D

  2. Wannabe_Marysue says:

    Some of them already do.

  3. Aviv says:

    That made me laugh hahaha

    I’ve no problem with all comics looking like this, I’ll be long dead by then, surely. Let them crazy kids do what they want.

  4. Micmit says:

    I can only hope that this is the case

  5. theriverlady says:

    I hope so.

  6. Sirknight says:

    What in particular were you trying to get at? Increased availability to technology = less quality art and/or increased amount of people finding (or attempting to find) fame for their comics on the internet leading to the overall demise of the comics industry, like what happened to the Record Industry?

    Or were you just posting a silly dog on the web?

      • Sirknight says:

        Ah! Well, that’s refreshing. Most of the time when someone deliberately posts something online that looks silly and with minimal words to explain it, most people assume there’s some deep hidden meaning that we’re all to shallow to comprehend.

        Thank you for not being like that, it only ramps up our inferiority complexes. ^_^

  7. Jon says:

    Hyperbole and a Half != demise of the comics industry

  8. Ed says:

    When I read through the linked cartoon one thing came to mind: This person has story-telling talent. Some may see the illustrations as crude but they tell the story beautifully and in a very humorous way.

  9. David B says:

    Heh. Before I clicked through, I was going to say “That looks like Hyperbole and a Half”. There’s something to be said for having a distinct art style.

    I’m reminded of Marc Hempel’s “Gregory”, actually – although my memory may be faulty in any number of ways.

  10. Raptorix says:

    Hyperbole proves that you don’t need an expensive (or cracked) version of a graphics program to draw charming and funny comics. 😀

  11. John says:

    Actually…I’m reminded of a small press style “book” that I made with a 5 year old child a few weeks ago. The artwork was crude, but it was his story. I wrote down, using a blue pencil, what his story was about and encouraged him to draw it out. When he read it to his mother, he had his incredibly proud look about him.

    He still talks about it and shows it off.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this covered somewhere in Understanding Comics? Specifically, about why people make comics?

  12. I like the texture on the dog’s coat and that’s a fact. I love how immediately affecting the pictures are 🙂

  13. nemo_omen says:

    Agreed! Allie’s cartoons, while nowhere near any sort of professional quality, are amazing in their own right. Her dog’s gestures are some of my favorites and she has a real knack for capturing emotion and showing ideas.

  14. Sunday says:

    Oh my, that was wonderful! This author has me laughing more in a single stretch of unkempt panels than a thousand other so-called “funnies” in the comic world.

  15. Krudge says:

    YES! I’m glad HaaH is getting exposure. Everyone should read it.

  16. Eileen says:

    Thanks for introducing me (and everyone I’ve since forwarded this to) to this. So funny.
    I’m also glad because I blog in a similar way – not comics per se but illustrated stories.
    AND I’m coming to the workshop this weekend!!

  17. darrylayo says:

    Oh wow, this was too funny for me!

    Unreasonably funny, even.

  18. James H says:

    But in a way, if there was a demise in the knowledge of the more refined comic work, it could be the fault of the people behind them. You can’t just put a comic on the internet and expect people to flock to it. One of the reasons that comic probably got to where it is probably because it got exposure, most often from the person who makes it. If they aren’t willing to let people know about it, they’ll have no audience.

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  20. Roma says:

    Is that Lamb Chop?