Well, That’s Just Gorgeous

The Twitterverse was all abuzz yesterday for this wonderful guide to facial expressions by Lackadaisy creator Tracy J. Butler. More than just a tutorial, the thing is a practically a work of art on its own (and should probably be a poster).

And naturally, if you like the tutorial and haven’t read the comic, now is as good a time as any.

And YES, let’s have fewer “Smarm Brows” out there, okay?

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Naptunian says:

    Wow, this is amazing!!!

  2. Thanks for the lead, Scott, on another excellent webcomic.

  3. Bluus says:

    Ahhh I love Tracy Butler’s work, she’s got such SASS, haha. I had a lot of fun reading her expression tutorial yesterday, informative and funny just as it should be

  4. Mike says:

    Even if you read the comic on the google/facebook-webs, you all should REALLY run out TODAY and buy the book she’s got out.

    Having it right there in your hands as you read makes it a little better.

  5. Pretty Jeff says:

    I think her comment on the “Chronic C-mouth” is important, as a lot of webcomics tend to have that ailment, mine included. The C-mouth is an easy way of conveying dialogue, and a lot of people focus more on what comes out of a character’s mouth than what the mouth looks like.

  6. Max West says:

    Lackadaisy Cats is an impressive webcomic.

    And it’s good to practice facial expressions – that can help make a character look better and read easier to the viewers.

  7. James H says:

    I was thinking it would have made an excellent poster when I first saw it too. I’d put it right next to my desk for when I work. It’s quite excellent.

  8. Sarcasm says:

    Stop being elitist ’bout smarn brows. /:-)

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