Cartoonist Sighting

Natasha Allegri is like the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker* of comics artists. You have to camp out in her old natural habitat (LiveJournal apparently) for weeks to catch a glimpse, but it’s always worth it. Funny, wonderfully-drawn stuff.

There was a time when LiveJournal spread all the way from Venezuela to the northern tip of Uruguay, and Allegri was the talk of the rainforest. Literally the #2 account in terms of popularity at one point.

But her presence — like LJ itself — has dwindled due to… I dunno, actually. Day job, I assume.**

Now she’s joined the ranks of the many great cartoonists that deserves a much more solid web presentation.

Maybe, if we’re lucky, she has a big project on the way, and hasn’t just been struck by that humility virus that’s been going around. [see update below]

Keep your binoculars ready.

*[UPDATE #1: I have been informed that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is a bit more than rare. It may actually be EXTINCT. Clearly Natasha Allegri is not extinct. Sorry for any confusion. I just meant her Livejournal comics are rare and beloved.]

**[UPDATE #2: Yup. Allegri’s day job is working on Adventure Time. So yeah, gainfully employed, etc, etc… but I want more comics, dammit!]

[UPDATE #3: Fun fact: Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time, took my original comics workshop at MCAD several years ago.]

[UPDATE #4: Okay, you can also follow her on Twitter, which links to her Tumblr, which seems to be updated a bit more often.]

[UPDATE #5: I am wrong about everything.]

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Sam Medina says:

    I hope she does have something big coming, too. Humility virus? I think I’m immune 😉

  2. I’ve got to know about her work a few days ago, I got really amused how she can make humor work on daily life. I guess that what I seek in a good comic book at first place, try to identify with it and then find the elements that make it a little more special! And she sure knows how to make this work!

  3. Ryan W. Mead says:

    I actually discovered Natasha Allegri through her Twitter account, which she frequently updates with bizarre drawings. She works on the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time.” For all the Snooki and Garfield jokes you could want, you really should be following her on Twitter: @natazilla She is clearly still alive.

  4. Pat Race says:

    This is neat, Natasha answers short video questions and draws pictures. It was linked to through her Tumblrthingy.


    This song was my favorite – http://vyou.com/a/58839

  5. Nick says:

    Natasha Allegri is possibly the most amazing human being alive today. She is also potentially the strangest. Both of these qualities contribute equally to her overall awesomeness.