One for Ivy

Lots of people may enjoy this hilarious deconstruction by Laura Hudson and David Wolkin of DC’s recent Batman: Odyssey (a book which, I must admit, I kinda want to buy now). It’s some, uh… amazing stuff, no doubt about it.

But I’m really just posting this link for one person’s benefit: the woman I love.

Ivy: Click on this link right now. Trust me. You will not be sorry.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Extraordinary and weird. I have a longstanding love for Neal Adams’ work, but I’ve been underwhelmed by his writing before. Anyone here remember his Dracula/Wolfman/Frankenstein crossover from the seventies?

  2. Ivy says:

    Thank you, honey. I don’t remember when I last laughed so hard.

    Should we wait for the year and then buy the trade, or see if we can still get the six issues that have come out and then get the rest when released? (I spent far too long reading this, but it more than made up for having to deal with the kids’ broken toilet)

    • Scott says:

      I say we buy the individual issues AND the trade.

      We must REWARD DC for publishing this!

      (I so knew you’d appreciate this. That’s why I love you!)

  3. PollyPeptide says:

    Holy Anarchy, Batman! I know what I’M drawing at work tomorrow….Crispin Glover as Batman: Odyssey. DC just got 1,000 bonus points.