Best. Email. Ever.

Okay, I officially love these guys now.

Got this letter this morning.

Dear Scott,

Mind if I call you Scott?

Oh, Scott, you have done so much for us comic geeks.
Reading comics is no longer childish. It’s «de la culture» !
One book and everything changes. *sigh*
Thank you for that.

I have to tell you first how much my friends and I like you. We admire you.
But I have something else to say, and it won’t please you. Ooooh no.

Do you like french people, Scott?
You don’t have to answer. We know how Americans see us… They think they know us, they think froggies are full of self-esteem, arrogant… even rude sometimes.
Do YOU think we are? Do you, Scott?
You are so far from the truth.
We are worse.

This «24 hour comics day» you created, you know… it was a really good idea. Congrats for that.
But, eventually, we realised it was way too easy.

We decided to do the same, but in 23 hours.
Yep, 23 hours.
Because we choose the shortest night of the year, when daylight savings time begins.

And we did it. We’ve been drawing faster than you and your pals for 3 years now.

We just wanted you to know. We are just the best.

And on march 26th, we’ll do it again.
In your face!
But with respect.
And a lot of compassion.

Yours faithfully,

Zia, for the amazing Turalo, Piak, Paka, Kéké and hundreds of french comics artists.

(So who else is surprised they even *have* daylight savings time?)

Good luck from all us slowpokes!

Discussion (45)¬

  1. basest says:

    this makes me so proud of 1/4 of my lineage. Vive la France!

    • Zia says:

      “Merci beaucoup !”

      • Asia says:

        also 1/4 French. unrelated: my nickname growing up was ZsaZsa. not sure if it is pronounced the same way.

        • Zia says:

          I am 1/4 dutch and 3/4 french ^^
          Zsazsa is a funny nickname ; your parents were big fans of Madame Gabor I guess ?

          Zia is my nickname, most people think it comes from “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” but no ^^

  2. Lori says:

    “In your face! But with respect. And a lot of compassion.”

    That is wonderful.

  3. CLR says:

    What do you mean, “even *have* daylight savings time”?

    A proud France/US hybrid.

    • Scott says:

      Meaning I always thought Daylight Savings Time was a dumb idea!

      I’m always surprised when other countries use it.

      • Noid says:

        Well DST works if office buildings are designed to take advantage of daylight and if employees don’t leave all the lights on all the time.
        Of couse, many times this isn’t the case.

  4. Boro says:

    ..daylight savings time
    We should be afraid

  5. bahraini says:

    Following, we show the barbaric acts done by Bahrain riot police. The officers are shown in their uniform beating an unarmed citizen beside their car. The officer is kicking the citizen lying on the ground, stepping his foot on his head, and then dragging him from his foot to the police car.
    That happened in Sitra Island in Bahrain, on March 15th, 2011.


  6. HAMMER says:

    Huh. I thought the French Muslims had already outlawed time for religious purposes. A report should be sent immediately.

  7. NEOkeitaro says:

    French fan here: I can tell you, we definitely LOVE you here.

    Much like in cinema, I guess we like to over-intellectualize stuff, because we’re so proud of our “exception culturelle” (cultural exception), and so we’re always glad when somebody gets smart about a topic that is seen as somewhat “secondary”.

    Plus, you’re plain awesome, so really, it’s easy to like you. And yes, you’ve done a lot for us, and we’re forever grateful!

    (and we have dst… and it sucks.)

  8. Lee Edward McIlmoyle says:

    Methinks they somewhat miss the point, in that it actually CAN be done in less time than 24 hours. Not everybody spends that much time at it (I did, the one time I got it more or less right), but it certainly isn’t a hard number that everyone has to use the whole 24 hours. Heck, I’m pretty sure I remember some of the people who completed theirs saying they even allowed time for food and sleep. Perhaps I misremember.

    Still, it’s cute that they decuded to ride your coattails while being cheeky about it. Also, a nice way to remind folks about The Challenge.

  9. Zia says:

    I blushed (^_^)
    Thank you Scott !

  10. gio says:

    Beware of these people. I know what I mean!

  11. Tanashi says:

    The main point is to finish a comic? I always thought you just have to draw for 24 hours and happens what happens. Shortening it sounds like cheating from this point of view XDDD
    But they’re fun. Sorry for my Blondeness though.

  12. Nat Gertler says:

    I actually thought about scheduling one of the 24 Hour Comics Days on the end of Daylight Saving Time, giving people an extra hour not to draw (that’d be a cheat), but to recover before work on Monday.

    As for thinking that Daylight Saving Time is a bad idea, just wait ’til the sun goes out, Mr. McCloud! You’ll be in the dark, but I’ll have all this daylight saved up, just waiting to be used!

  13. Bluus says:

    Oh Daylight savings time…you are a dumb idea.

    Also, how cute and cheeky! I quite enjoy the combination of respect and disrespect of the letter XD

  14. Piak says:

    We officially love you too. So much love!

  15. Mookie says:

    Apprendre l’ouverture des 23H de la BD version 2011 sur le blog de Scott McCloud, ça me rend tout chose.
    A tel point que j’écrit en Français, tiens donc !

  16. Kéké says:

    On t’aime Scott. If you knew. 🙂

  17. Dom says:

    Now that’s what I call Daylight Saving Time:


  18. Fred Boot says:

    ME, I am proud to be a true lazy French cartoonist, not like these bloody betrayers ! I’m going to create the “25 hour comic day” for the winter time !

    In your faces !

    HAhahahahahHAHAHAHAHHAhahAaaaaa aaa !

  19. Zia says:

    How do you say that in english ?

  20. PetitPrince says:

    “Poule mouillé” would be something like “coward” or “pansy”

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  22. JJ says:

    Ouch. Too late. Just read about this fantastic project. I sure will join next time.

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