Steve on Jack

My old pal, Steve Bissette lays down the law after the recent Kirby heirs court decision.

I’m too busy with my GN to look deeply into the specifics of this case, but I did offer a brief general comment on Google+.

Jack and Roz Kirby are buried just a few miles from here. Maybe I’ll swing by this week to pay my respects.

Like so many of his generation, “the King” deserved better than he got.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Will Kirwan says:

    Bissette said that we should boycott anything Marvel until they get the message, but won’t that mean boycotting Disney (not they’re don’t anything that needs boycotting).

  2. Will Kirwan says:

    Sorry, I should say that I am boycotting Marvel because this and other reasons.

  3. Nimbws says:

    It’s also kind of said how making comics in the ‘Kirby tradition’ has come to mean making comics like Jack Kirby, I’m pretty sure the King said that comics in the Kirby tradition was making NEW comics.