Boxes, Boxes, Boxes…

Lucy Knisley knows how it feels.

My family and I are still unpacking from our recent move. I’ve spent a big chunk of my adult life in a sea of partially unpacked boxes. And worst of all is my email inbox.

I’m going to be updating this blog a bit more infrequently moving forward as I chip away at that inbox and continue work on my GN, but you can always follow me via rss, and be sure to keep an eye on my Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Wood says:

    In other less happy moving-out-of-your-home news, webcartoonist Chuck Bourbon (also known as Groundchux), author of the webcomic Brightest recently lost his home to a fire.

    They (him, his wife and newborn baby) have lost a lot of property and are currently looking for a new home and are in great need of support.

    It would be great if you could relay the message, if only because Brightest is one of the most clever and well written comic about relationships I’ve read in a while (and I’ve read a great deal of them)

    More info here : http://www.brightestcomic.com/?p=1080
    And here : http://www.brightestcomic.com/?p=1084

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve passed it along on Twitter and G+.

      • Wood says:

        Gah ! Did I just spell this “massage” ? Oh, the shame… (and I don’t even get to use the “it’s not my first language” excuse card since those words are exactly the same in French)