Want to be in a Graphic Novel?


Do you live in LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara or Kern County? Willing to drive to Thousand Oaks, CA this Sunday afternoon (Aug 14)?

I’ve got a difficult page coming up that requires an unusual crowd shot and I’ve decided I need photo reference. Aiming for 2-3pm. If you’d like to participate, please email me and I’ll send more details.

Thanks and hope to see you this weekend!

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  2. John DePianto says:

    Aww man. I live in San Francisco… Too far for me. 🙁 I’m really looking forward to the graphic novel though!

  3. Will Kirwan says:

    Better than being in Arizona. But while I’m here, How do you provide sweaty palms while drawing?

  4. Kat says:

    Le Sigh, I live in Florida, such a thing is not possible for me ;_;

    Still, tha’ts a pretty cool way to get your reference shot!

  5. The Doug says:

    You should have posted this a few weeks ago when I was in Southern California…