See you this weekend at the Opera House!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Hmmm… just jogged past the Opera House on the way to work this morning and saw the posters for Graphic. But of course I got my tix ages ago!

  2. Theo Macdonald says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about the Robert Crumb debacle.

    • Scott says:

      Not much to say.

      Comics has a history around the world of being misunderstood. Crumb doubly so. I understand his decision and reasoning, but we’ll miss him of course.

      For the curious, here’s an explanation.

  3. Theo Macdonald says:

    And Australia has a history of misunderstanding things, so I guess this was sort of inevitable.

  4. Christina says:

    Thank you very much for coming and giving a wonderful and thoroughly interesting talk! (And thanks for taking the time to sign my silly notebook) 🙂

  5. Peader says:

    The whole weekend was particularly inspiring and edifying. Comics in Australia are pretty small potatoes [but we’re working on it], so its great that lately through graphic and other sources that they’ve been getting a bit of press after being the subject of a bi-annual cut and paste filler article for so long. Thanks

  6. JNgaio says:

    I was so sad I couldn’t make it… curse being broke. Come to Melbourne! Oh please oh please!

  7. […] – Scott McCloud – from ‘Understanding Comics’ (also used as a multimedia bible in explaining media and visual storytelling concepts ) did a great one hour presentation, which harnessed visual support material as effectively as you’d hope a guy like him would. Lots of interesting points, “Tom Cruise need a glove in Minority report?”. He also ended with this pretty funny reading of a scrolling comic that involved monkeys mutating into progressively […]