Friday Odds and Ends

Haha, look who I’m tied with. Also being on this more personal list made me smile.

Been looking for an excuse to link to Cameron Stewart’s beautifully rendered Sin Titulo. This news seems reason enough.

Finally, in keeping with last week’s post (and Google+ mini-meme) on art we did when we were 15 years-old, here’s an interview with talented cartoonist and entrepreneur, 14 year-old Emma Capps. The girl’s reading Asterios Polyp, People. This next generation will be something to see.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Emma T Capps says:

    WOW! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post! I was just idly scanning through my Twitter feed, clicked on this on a whim, and was shocked to find my name mentioned. Thanks again and I’m so glad you liked my interview!

    • Scott says:

      Zack Smith let me know about it by email (though I’m sure I would have found it sooner or later). Great interview! ^__^

  2. Marie D'Amico says:

    Scott – you made Em’s day (mother here). Steve Capps (husband) had all your books here long before Em was born – they’ve been bibles for years.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Marie! Great to hear from you.

      I can tell you guys have a truly creative and inventive household, and I’m sure you’re very proud of Emma (rightfully so!)

      And, as you might expect, I indirectly enjoy and benefit from Steve’s work nearly every day of my life, as does nearly every cartoonist I know. Please give him my regards as well. ^__^

  3. Also, in regards to comics made when you were little: My friend did interviews with folks at the 2002 Small Press Expo about what the first comic they ever drew was about. He collected all the interviews into an album and has it available for free on this site http://goo.gl/7ILmo

    He interviewed famous people (like some guy named Scott McCloud), regular folks (like me), and regular folk who would later become famous cartoonists.

    A lot of them are pretty charming.

  4. Mike L says:

    You couldn’t be better paired!