Hello, Wyoming!

Join me tonight (Wednesday, September 7) here in Laramie, Wyoming for a lecture at the University of Wyoming’s Arts and Sciences Auditorium.

Be there or be square!

Discussion (12)¬

  1. pete says:

    Great lecture tonight, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hey Scott great presentation. It was really inspiring thinking about how to push the arts farther then they are. There is always something new that needs pushed or a new way to go about making art is a great idea to stick in the back pocket. Also really liked the historical contexts you brought up.The one thought that has really been sticking out “being just good enough just isn’t good enough anymore. You need to be amazing.” Great talk glad you came to Wyoming!

  3. tuffix says:

    Will you ever come to Germany? 😛
    Those comments always make me be envious..

    • Scott says:

      No invitations pending right now, but I’ve been to Germany a couple of times and I’m sure I’ll be heading there again before too long.

  4. the doug says:

    I was forced to be square because I live a few states away. When are you going to be in Northern California?

  5. Jethro says:

    hi im a huge fan