Alberta and Beyond

The Galt Gardens from the Lethbridge, Alberta homepage - www.lethbridge.ca

Still toiling away at the graphic novel, so this blog will remain quiet a few months longer, but I do have a tight cluster of trips coming up, so here’s a bit more info on each, starting with an important opportunity coming up next month.

The Two Day Making Comics Workshop comes to Alberta!

On March 21-23, I’ll be bringing the lecture and full 2-Day Workshop to the Galt Museum in Lethbridge, Alberta. SIGN-UP for one of the limited workshop seats, and get your advance tickets for the lecture starting on Feb 22.

This is the first time the 2-day workshop has come to Canada, and this and the Los Angeles workshop (see last post) are the only ones currently planned for 2013, so don’t miss this chance to learn two full days worth of comics-making strategies and techniques.

Out and About

Somehow, after a quiet autumn, I wound up with six trips in seven weeks. I’m not sure what happened there, but I plan to make the most of it. See sidebar at right for the full list.

Nashville’s Tapestry Conference is invitation-only, and we don’t have all the details on my visit to Vermont’s legendary Center for Cartoon Studies and Dartmouth College yet, but if you’re anywhere near Berlin or Santa Barbara on those dates, please come out to say hi.

In Berlin, on Friday March 15, I’ll be giving my lecture twice(!). Once in the morning at 10:00 am, to students, and then at 6 pm to the general public. Both are part of the Berlin International Literature Festival. Come with smelling salts, it’ll be awesome.

And finally, I’ll be rounding up this miniature trip-a-palooza with a very special Regents Lecture at nearby University of California Santa Barbara on April 10, at 8 pm. It’ll be in UCSB’s Campbell Hall which is a big room, so if you’re in Southern California, please tell your friends. I’ll be telling mine!

Anyway, that’s the schedule as it stands now. You can bet I’ll be drawing every day that I’m not traveling. And if all goes well, I’ll have a nice fat 480 page graphic novel done by the end of the year, and an equally exciting book underway after that.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. I just registered for the Lethbridge workshop. Looks great!

  2. Will Kirwan says:

    Just for everyone knows, I went to the 2-Day comics course last year and I was awesome! If you hadn’t gone to it sign up like Now!

  3. thirtyseven says:

    *sight* You finally give a lecture in Germany – and then it’s on a date where I can’t see it due to a big birthday in my family. 🙁
    Anyway: All the best for your trip to Berlin!

  4. Kayla says:

    Hi! I own your book “Making Comics” and I must’ve read it about 20 times. I love it. I’m 13 and when I’m older I want to be a storyboard artist and I’ve been making a lot of my own comics lately. Your book helps me a lot. I’d love it if I could go to a workshop or something of yours, but my parents don’t really do that kind of stuff. Thank you for being so awesome ^_^

    • Scott says:

      Thanks, Kayla!

      Best of luck with your future storyboarding career. Some of my favorite cartoonists have done that successfully.