Notes from Hibernation #3

Still working hard on the graphic novel through this fall, so this blog will continue to be pretty quiet for a while. Panel at left from a recent page (yeah, I know, not much to go on!).

If you’re curious about the GN, here are the posts that’ve mentioned it so far (scroll to the bottom to read in order—it’ll look like nothing’s happened at first, but that’s just ’cause this post is one of them). Feel free to laugh at me for my original guesses at the completion date. (It’s taken, um… a bit longer.)

I’ve updated the sidebar regarding some upcoming trips. Norway, Comic-Con, Belgium, Ball State, and Mount Holyoke, all in the sights for summer and fall; with more to come in the spring.

Missed between updates was a fun visit to Blizzard Entertainment, just last week. Thanks to the whole gang there for a great pair of events.

As always, I’ll be posting random thoughts and links mostly via Twitter. Follow me, and you can be annoyed on a more regular basis.

Have a great spring/summer/fall. I’ll have plenty to say when I crawl back out from the shadows later this year!

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Feno says:

    Hello! i am another bad comic book artist, from Colombia in South-America (sorry for my bad english), and recently i have know your work. You know, understanding, making, and Revolution of comics, but mostly your masterpiece ZOT!. God that i love the adventures of Zot, his enemies are the best villains of all time (expecially Dekko). and this great comic has inspired me to create better comics, and better stories. Thank you so much!

    And the project of the Graphic Novel has blown my mind, i cant wait to read it and show to my friends! (I hope that the comic be published in spanish too as well your other works has been publicated in that language too 🙂 )

    And…its a little rude to request this, but i have to try it:
    ¿Can you do a draw of Zot and Jenny with your actual level? is to my best friend that says that theres no a single picture of Zot to put as background in our Pc (My best friend´s name is Jenny too, and since that i show her the Zot´s comics, we dont stop of talk of Zot!)

    Sorry again if the request is rude. I will understand totally if you cant do it because you are busy.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Feno! —

      Sadly, I’m too busy with work on the graphic novel to do any additional art, so I can’t help with a drawing at this time, but thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your own comics. 🙂

  2. Pat Race says:

    Looking forward to seeing more hints and frames! Maybe I’ll see you in San Diego when you come up for air. All my best!

  3. Will Kirwan says:

    Glad to hear you’re still on the Sculptor (and alive;). I was watching ‘How Art changed the World’ and visual storytelling came up. It reminded me how much the art world still ignores comics because it didn’t come up, not even in passing. This show also said visual storytelling wasn’t completely effect until the introduction of sound which boil my butt. Sorry for the long comment. I’ll be quit.

  4. Steve Mackin says:

    Looking forward to it Scott. Take your time. Waited six years for Queens of the Stone Age to come out with a new album and it was well worth the wait. I’m sure you’re going to give us something amazing.

  5. I can hardly wait to read this book! It’s obvious that you’re really putting a lot into it and I’m sure it’s going to pay off big time.

  6. Brett Harder says:

    Can`t wait to see what’s been brewing Scott!

    And out of curiosity, has your original conception of the story changed very much as you have gotten into the thick of it? I know you planned this one out thoroughly before you began the final process, but did you find yourself changing scenes, dialogue and such as the slow/pondering process of comic making revealed alternative solutions?


    • Scott says:

      Hi Brett!

      Yeah, there were a ton of changes in the layout process. Four drafts in two years; a lot of major overhauls along the way.

      Once finished art came into the picture, though, there weren’t so many changes. Even so, I’ll sometimes make some significant changes to a scene before final art drops.