Kansas State: November 2

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Attention, Kansans!

Be sure to join me Sunday November 2 at Kansas State University for a Free Public Lecture.

And check out the sidebar for some more travels, including China and Chile in the next several weeks.

I’m staying home in January (well, maybe) but then things really heat up February 3 when The Sculptor comes out and Ivy and I go back on the road big time.

Look for a ton of U.S. appearances in February and multiple events in at least six European countries in March and April.

2015 is going to be amazing. Look for more news shortly.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Andrew Ghosh says:

    Looking forward to the Sculptor- hope there will be a London appearance on your European tour. Happy Halloween!

  2. Really excited to see you will on Chile soon! Any clue about the event? I know a lot of big fans of your work and maybe they will travel from the far corners of the country just meet you.

  3. Are you coming to Chile?? That’s awesome. Looking forward to meet you. Please, keep us updated about your schedule here.
    (I met you for a few seconds in San Diego, this year)

  4. Felipe Jara says:

    When can we have news about you coming to Chile? Please keep us updated about that, it would be awesome to have you in our country.