England • Germany • France • Belgium • The Netherlands • Spain • Italy • Canada • & the U.S.!


Okay, next up!

I’ve updated the sidebar at right with details about our national and international travel in the next couple of months.

Some of the mini-tours overseas are still waiting on specifics, but I’ll add details to the sidebar as they come in. Meanwhile, here’s a summary in plain English.

First it’s The U.K. and Germany (details soon). Then I fly home for the visual lecture at Wittenberg University on March 16, while Ivy heads back to the U.K. to cool her heels.

Next, we rendezvous in Paris for the Book Fair, as well as stops in Lyon and in Brussels.

From there we head back to the States, and drive to three schools to perform the visual lecture: Mississippi State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Rutgers University Camden (details TBA).

Then, I’ll be a special guest at the MoCCA Festival in New York before we fly to the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. THAT is all in March and April.

But then, with May comes the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), and in July, Comic-Con International in San Diego—special guests at both. Hope you can make at least one, they’re great shows!

That’s our crazy 2015 so far. Let’s see how much crazier it will be by the time it’s done. And remember to contact me if you’d like the big visual lecture to come to your school or organization.

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Sara V. says:

    “The Sculptor” is truly beautiful. The story, the drawings, the characters… I enjoyed every single page of your work. Can’t wait to meet you in Italy, I will surely be there with my copy to be signed. Thank you, Scott! 🙂

  2. Don Smith says:

    Can’t believe I happened to see this in time. Count me in for lecture at Mississippi State! I’m really unfamiliar with the format, though. Will you be taking questions? Will you sign a book or two?

    Oh, and what date is it? MSU’s website has you listed as coming the 21st, while your site says the 31st.

  3. Will Kirwan says:

    still no Arizona, *sigh* 🙁

  4. Matt from the Cape says:

    Hey there Scott, loved the Sculptor, working my way back through Making Comics.

    Missed you in Beantown the first time around, I hope you make a visit again sometime soon.

  5. Lionel says:

    Because of you i’m in tears.
    Thank you for The Sculptor

  6. Noah says:

    Yo Scott, I like your book the Sculptor. It was very sad though. Please make a book like that that has a happy ending 🙂

  7. the book is gorgeous and the story is beautifully told. i couldn’t have read it at a better time! congratulations, scott!!