Hello again. I’m back from  hibernation with a big site redesign. Take a look around and feel free to let me know what you think of the new look (including bug reports and typo alerts, of which I’m sure there’ll be plenty). Once I’m happy with the static content, I’ll be converting this page to a proper blog with comments, archives, rss, etc.

This site first launched in mid-1998, a bit over ten years ago (a lifetime in both internet years and dog years) so it was long overdue for a face-lift. When working on the redesign, I did a lot of clicking around for ideas, even visiting randomwebsite a couple of times, where I tripped over this video:


…which, just so you know, is exactly what it felt like to be making webcomics for those first few years: two parts exhilaration, one part crazy. I enjoyed it, but that’s how my personality breaks down most days anyway.

The last few years have been a different kind of exhilaration and a different kind of crazy for me. I wrote and drew Making Comics, our family went to all 50 States, I did a ton of appearances, put out a 576-page Zot! collection, did a comic book for Google, and now I’m officially beginning work on a massive graphic novel I’ve been secretly plotting out for over 20 years. But the site’s been pretty quiet and I’d like to change that now.

While working on the graphic novel, I’m hoping to finally return to both regular blogging and to gradually finishing up The Right Number as well as one or two more Morning Improvs. I may not be making webcomics full-time for a while, just an hour or two of web work each morning, but I’d like to at least keep a toe dipped in the water on a regular basis starting next week.

Be seeing you.


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  2. JFPoulin says:

    Super!! Great to see you back. I was coming from time to time to see if you were there. 🙂 It paid!!!