Five-Card Flickr?

Another invention has been mutating while I’ve been hibernating (this time via Ms. Nancy).

5-Card Story

Check out 5-Card Story & 5-Card Flickr by way of the esteemed Alan Levine, aka CogDog, and add your own photos the pool.

Oh! And argue about whether it’s comics or not.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Matthew Marcus says:

    So I had a thought for a comic book invention, and I wonder what you guys might think of it.

    Life-size Comic Book Sculpture.

    Large wire cubes so that you can look through them from any angle.

    Within each cube would be a “panel”– sculptures of a frozen scene.

    You would walk along a path to read the story.

    Patent Pending. Joking. Sort of. Yeah. Joking.