Information Wants to be Loved

Two videos. My daughter Sky showed me this last week:

And Cat Garza showed us this on his blog last week:

They’ve both been around for a while (2006 & 2002), but if you’ve never seen either I strongly recommend both.

Funny thing is, I love the first one because it’s all about pure information—spare, monochrome, one idea at a time—and I love the second one because it’s just the opposite: a cascading waterfall of mostly useless infographics. Maybe it’s just the sensation of being taught. Maybe it’s just porn for info-geeks like me. Either way I can’t take my eyes off them.

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  1. admin says:

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  2. T Campbell says:

    They’re both very compelling ways of looking at the world.

  3. T Braden says:

    The first video is a wonderful example of how pretty pictures can dress up nonsensical content.