Prezi + Webcomics = ?

The online presentation tool Prezi goes into public beta this week. It’s a zooming interface designed for presentations which caught the eye of a few of us in the lunatic fringe as having potential applications for you know what.

Neal Von Flue posted an in-depth look at the comics implications of this new tool on his Facebook page when a few of us got advanced notice of the private beta in February. Unpack the comments thread for input from Krisztián Kristóf, a cartoonist and developer on the Prezi team who is also considering these issues.

Together with developments like Microsoft’s embryonic Infinite Canvas Alpha and the likelihood of multi-touch netbooks in the near future, Prezi may be part of a general trend toward continuous-space navigation in communication and the arts. If that’s the case, I hope comics will be a part of that trend.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. jltopkis says:

    It’s beautiful…

    I can wait to see the astonishing creations that have yet to be born of that program.

  2. Howard says:

    How does it compare to Rapid Intake’s web-based solution – Unison. Can it be used effectively in collaborative crourse development? For reference see http://elearningjuice.rapidintake.com/.

  3. […] This presentation approach could spark some excellent explanations. It would be ideal for walking through a complex process that includes repeated steps, for example. Meanwhile, Scott McCloud and others are eyeing it for its Web comics potential. […]

  4. […] way he demonstrates the use of an infinite canvas to share stories speaks to me.  He even wrote a recent blog post about Prezi – of course, I love that after my first prezi last […]

  5. […] continues to analyze media and how we interact with it in incredibly intersting ways. Check out his post on the online presentation tool Prezi and how it relates to his concept of the “infinite canvas” for a good example of this. […]

  6. We at Lila.io have a similar approach to web ZUI browsing like our colleagues from Prezi and we’re also in talks with sommajor comic book publishers who’s showing interest in new revenue streams.

    Let’s hope they dare take the jump and go digital.