Ruben and Lullaby

Okay, not comics maybe, but you might want to check out this nicely executed choose-your-own-emotion game/story thingey by Erik Loyer and Ezra Clayton Daniels that I just downloaded to my iPhone.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. cat says:

    ok, that’s pretty cool. i really like the interactivity and the music. wow.

  2. […] theorist Scott McCloud took a moment to mention Ruben & Lullaby on his blog—a wonderful bit of synchronicity, as on the very same day I was talking up Understanding Comics […]

  3. Jacob says:

    As comics become more excepted and more popular we’re gonna start seeing allot of things influenced to some degree by comics but are not in fact comics. It doesn’t mean they’re bad though. I just hope comics aren’t abandoned in favor of a more flashy impersonator.
    But still stories are stories.