Post-TCAF Notes

Talked to…

Ryan North about Music.
Kate Beaton about Books.
Bryan Lee O’Malley about Exhaustion.
Seth about Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka.
Derek Kirk Kim about Eternal Smile.
Paul Pope about International Styles.
Carla Speed McNeil about Hats.
Faith Erin Hicks about Hair.
Alec Longstreth about Beards.
Chris Butcher about OMG we barely saw you!
Mark Siegel about Mad Men.
Mark Askwith about Everything Else.


Emmanuel Guibert.
Joey Comeau and Emily Horne.
Jillian Tamaki (narrowly missed Mariko).
Nate Powell.
Miss Lasko Gross.
Josh Cotter.


…to meet the great Yoshihiro Tatsumi.
…to spend more than a minute with many other friends.

Learned that…

Joey Comeau can be frighteningly loud.
Rich Stevens should be on every panel.
Chester Brown carries gigantic bags on his bike.

And much more, but that’s off the top of my head. Thanks to everyone at TCAF for a great weekend!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Randall Drew says:

    Alec’s beard is getting epically incredible. He’s so close with Basewood I can’t wait to celebrate it’s finish! Sad I was too poor to make my first trip to Canada, sounds like it was a blast!

  2. dayuse says:

    It was great to finally shake your hand—or at least, I think I did. But I’m glad you and Ivy liked my gifts!

  3. Jacob says:

    I loooves da madmen! And AAAAAARRRRG one day i will make it to the golden shining land of awesome people that is TCAF.

  4. Salgood says:

    Thanks for drooping by the tables and the support! Not sure i can hide your pages from Sol like we talked about, feels like it would defeat the whole reasone i have them in the first place. Maybe i need to make some prints or something. They are never near windows but they are the first thing i see when i get home. Help remind me why i do this stuff.

    Wish it was not quite so mad at those things and i could have talked for a while. Not sure i really enjoy exhibiting at cons/festivals anymore – worth it but I’d rather just be able to do a few panels and things and wander a bit and be done with it. after parties were pretty awesome though. Still recovering…..
    ~ 🙂

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