What She Said

Ivy just posted a gargantuan LJ entry about our Toronto/TCAF experience, so if you’d like a spouse-eye’s view of our whirlwind weekend, be sure to check it out.

Ivy and I just saw Star Trek. Good cast and fun character moments, big sloppy self-indulgent fanfic plot, typical action film directing (ADHD camera work). Whatever. We had fun.

And since I missed my chance Sunday, belated Mother’s Day wishes to my own Mom and to Ivy. Wouldn’t exist and/or wouldn’t want to without you.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. John McLeod says:


    Newspapers are struggling in the present environment and this Reuters blogger cites micro-payments and other strategies.

    You broke a lance against the micro-payments windmill years ago. Think the comics experience might help the NYT?

    • Scott says:

      Help scare ’em away, maybe!

      Pundits have already invoked my name as a warning to all who utter the “m” word in this new context. As for me, I’m keeping my broken lance in storage for now. 😉