Sounds from Texas, Sites from Spain

Quick follow-up to an earlier thread: Dan Goldman checks in to let us know that the audio from March’s SXSW panel on mobile webcomics is finally online here.

Settling in here in Barcelona today. Enjoyed chatting with Mark Waid on the flight over, and seeing/meeting other pros at our pre-show meals, including Mike Mignola, Jeffrey Brown, Todd Nauck, C.B. Cebulski, and one of my earliest important influences as a comics fan, Mr. Jim Starlin.

Also took in the Museum (getting inspired by certain sculptures regarding a certain graphic novel) and saw some cool graffiti. Dinner in 15 minutes, then sleep and more of the city tomorrow, though I suspect I’ll mostly be looking at name badges and screens.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Xevidom says:

    Great conference here in Barcelona!!!
    I was there, on saturday, and was a privilege to me: a longtime awaited masterclass by the great Scott McCloud..! An absolutely brilliant speech about comics as an art form. I can’t wait to see the photo you made to us, the public 🙂 But, bad luck, I had to go in the middle of the show because my train was leaving (I ran for a while to the train station! happy ending, by the way…)
    And that’s all, congratulations! You are one of the most fascinating authors of the moment!

    PD: did you kill the translator at the ending? It’s a joke 🙂