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The Influencing Machine

I’ve been dying for an excuse to plug The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld, since I read an advance copy several weeks ago, and this PW article oughtta fit the bill (though I’m a little embarrassed to be once again linking to an article that turns around and plugs me back at one point =•_•=).

The Influencing Machine is one of the best non-fiction comics I’ve read. I’m a long-time listener/reader of both Gladstone and Neufeld, and their work dovetails beautifully here as they tackle the important and timely issues of media evolution and influence.

Gladstone’s work for NPR’s On the Media has always been top-notch. Her probing, far-reaching editorials for that show set the tone for The Influencing Machine. This is an ambitious book, and it delivers. I’m delighted that she chose comics (and Neufeld!) to help hammer these vital issues into our minds.

I strongly recommend both the book and, if you haven’t heard it before, the show.

Understanding | Making | Teaching

Haven’t listened again myself yet, so there’s a chance I made a fool of myself, but I enjoyed talking with James Sturm on our Friday Comic-Con panel and I think some interesting points were raised.

Courtesy of TCJ, here’s the audio of the panel (and photo by Kristy Valenti).


Tonight (Friday) at 7:30 pm Pacific Time, KCRW will be reprising the original 1991 radio play of American Splendor with Dan (so-much-more-than-Homer-Simpson) Castellaneta in the role of Harvey.

Castellaneta’s Harvey actually precedes the movie, but it’s equally delightful in its own way. We got to see a live performance with Harvey and Joyce in the audience (at San Diego, I think it was) and we all just loved it.

It’ll be live on air and streaming only, so set a timer if you want to hear this terrific production. Thanks to Heidi for the alert.

And, of course, if you appreciate great radio and want to support it, here’s your annual reminder that KCRW is probably the best station on the planet right now and can always use a little help.


Radio doesn’t get any better than this.

If you haven’t heard this astonishing Radio Lab episode from a few weeks ago or the recent installment of This American Life that featured it, I recommend downloading or streaming it when you get a chance.

It’s not safe for work and not the sort of thing you can just put on in the background. You’ll want to set aside some time to just take it all in. Long drive, long walk, home alone stuff.

And as with TAL, if you like what you hear, consider dropping some shekels in the virtual hat.

Power Strip

Multiple random plugs (get it? Hanh? HANH?):

One of my favorite This American Life segments: David Rakoff’s heartbreaking “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace,” Act Three of Episode 389 – Frenemies. If you agree with me that TAL is one of the best shows ever on radio, consider a donation.

Had a surprisingly good time watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Probably helped to be sitting between two kids who were laughing at all the genuinely smart and/or bizarre gags. Way better movie than it needed to be to fill it’s demographic slot.

Whole family is enjoying Glee and rooting for it to get better already.

“Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” by Das Racist/Wallpaper. Find it. Listen to it. Hate me forever for making you do it.

Inkstuds Triangulates Comics

Robin McConnell has posted an unusual episode of Inkstuds featuring Tom Spurgeon, Eddie Campbell, Jeet Heer, Matt Madden, and me, bringing our differing perspectives to various aspects of comics as an art form — all drawn from separate interviews. You can find the composite interviews here and my own conversation with Robin here. Some sound problems, especially on mine, but interesting points from all involved.

Sounds from Texas, Sites from Spain

Quick follow-up to an earlier thread: Dan Goldman checks in to let us know that the audio from March’s SXSW panel on mobile webcomics is finally online here.

Settling in here in Barcelona today. Enjoyed chatting with Mark Waid on the flight over, and seeing/meeting other pros at our pre-show meals, including Mike Mignola, Jeffrey Brown, Todd Nauck, C.B. Cebulski, and one of my earliest important influences as a comics fan, Mr. Jim Starlin.

Also took in the Museum (getting inspired by certain sculptures regarding a certain graphic novel) and saw some cool graffiti. Dinner in 15 minutes, then sleep and more of the city tomorrow, though I suspect I’ll mostly be looking at name badges and screens.

I am a Crazy, Drunken Sailor

Audio of the TCAF panels here. I sound really crazy.

Note: Scott occasionally uses foul language, but very politely.”

(Politely or not, you might want to skip this one, Mom!)