Tonight (Friday) at 7:30 pm Pacific Time, KCRW will be reprising the original 1991 radio play of American Splendor with Dan (so-much-more-than-Homer-Simpson) Castellaneta in the role of Harvey.

Castellaneta’s Harvey actually precedes the movie, but it’s equally delightful in its own way. We got to see a live performance with Harvey and Joyce in the audience (at San Diego, I think it was) and we all just loved it.

It’ll be live on air and streaming only, so set a timer if you want to hear this terrific production. Thanks to Heidi for the alert.

And, of course, if you appreciate great radio and want to support it, here’s your annual reminder that KCRW is probably the best station on the planet right now and can always use a little help.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Ivy says:

    It was indeed San Diego. We were sitting right in front of Harvey and Joyce, if memory serves, and every so often we would turn to them and get their take on something.

    It is on the list of my “Cherished Memories of ComicCon’s Past.”

  2. The website says it will be on air only, but hopefully the “on air” streaming option will work… My guess, though, is that they don’t have the rights for online rebroadcast (if this was taped back in ’91, they probably didn’t secure those rights) and so this will REALLY be on air only. We’ll see.