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Haven’t listened again myself yet, so there’s a chance I made a fool of myself, but I enjoyed talking with James Sturm on our Friday Comic-Con panel and I think some interesting points were raised.

Courtesy of TCJ, here’s the audio of the panel (and photo by Kristy Valenti).

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  1. larrymarder says:

    I quite enjoyed that!
    I don’t personally know James Sturm but I’ve always enjoyed his work.
    I know far less about the school than I should but I’ve met a lot of former students and their work is very impressive.
    Clearly the world of comics art is a far better place now that the school exists then it was before.
    I’m one of those people who made an entire career outside of comics (in advertising in my 20s & early 30s) and followed that peculiar path of making my own comics at night and on weekends for over a dozen years before I was published. At the end of the day nothing pays off better than hard work and determination. It’s amazing to me that there are now schools helping artists learn those very things.

  2. Just finished listening to it. It was great to hear it.

  3. Alec says:

    Thanks for posting this Scott! I was bummed I couldn’t hear it, and now I’ve heard it!

  4. Matthew Marcus says:

    Sorry! Unrelated, but I had to post this. And yes, I’m probably the 200th person to send you this, but oh well.


  5. Wood says:

    Also an unrelated comment : Have you heard of “Les Autres Gens” ?

    It’s a French subscribtion-based webcomic, running 5 days a week since march, with one writer, Thomas Cadène and more than 50 artists (most of them have already published several books, but not all of them).

    For the time being, they see it as a web-only thing. There is no intention to turn it into a book. (they’re not sure if it would work as a book, with the artist changing for every daily installment.)

    The subscription is 2.79 € for a month, 15 € for 6 month or 29 € for a year, and it is their only source of income.

    The site is at : http://www.lesautresgens.com/

    It’s been running since march, and personally, I’m loving it. The story is what they call a “Bédénovella”, a sort of soap-opera comic, with lots of characters who all have their own story. I think you can read the first month for free, and then you have to subscribe. It’s only in French, though.

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  7. Steve McNabb says:

    had a chance to talk to Sturm when he was in PDX. Loved “Market Day” and he was very insightful to help my artistic side. would of loved to of been at this panel