Inkstuds Triangulates Comics

Robin McConnell has posted an unusual episode of Inkstuds featuring Tom Spurgeon, Eddie Campbell, Jeet Heer, Matt Madden, and me, bringing our differing perspectives to various aspects of comics as an art form — all drawn from separate interviews. You can find the composite interviews here and my own conversation with Robin here. Some sound problems, especially on mine, but interesting points from all involved.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Mallinz says:

    any ongoing dialogue about comic is jsut incomplete without Scott McCloud,eh?

  2. Mallinz says:

    “I’m about to ask you a question,and,feel free to say pass if you want”
    Scott:”Go for it”.

    Bwahahahhahahaah.Nice attitude.
    “Considering you’ve made 3 books about it…….how does comics work?”

    Oh crap.
    Your answer was kind of….well….unsatisfying,despite the nice bit about how we somehow simulate the process of existence,feeling thinking and doing through fragments.So close,yet so far from the heart of it,eh?Still,I liked the answer even if it wasn’t a real “answer”(we can’t expect you to give the answer to THE question.you’ve done more than enough for comics as it is.).Nice interview,over all.

  3. Mallinz says:

    sorry to make 3 comments in a row,but are you doing a special entry for Father’s Day tomorrow?On a nice side note,my card to my dad will be a comic (sorta,it’s just three panels).

  4. […] McCloud points us to a podcast interview with Tom Spurgeon, Eddie Campbell, Jeet Heer and Matt Madden. Comics Coast to Coast interviewed John Sanford in the latest episode, but previous ones featured […]