“The Intricacies of the Art of the Bullet”

Ah, Translation Software…

Discussion (14)¬

  1. Ivy says:

    That is awesome, I love how you were “among the first Westerners in drinking Manga”

    I’m so glad to know this, I was unaware that Manga was for drinking… 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    Now in root beer flavor, mmmm…

  3. Kip Manley says:

    “Very distant from the nearly 100% Japanese yearning McCloud.”

  4. BobH says:

    Oh, you drink it! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong. And I thought I had trouble with the whole right-to-left thing…

  5. shepard says:

    You’re all ignoring the weired one:”is one of the theorists of gender”

  6. Matthew Marcus says:

    “The art of the bullet” sounds like an awesome Jet Li movie.

  7. OMFG, language intricacies! And I thought my dad’s emails were butchered by Google Translations due to the particularly complex syntactical complexities and local accidents.

    And for the record, “drinking Manga” is a 100% accurate and literal translation. That’s Spanish for you.

  8. Lori says:

    “And even want to ‘husband’ will be good things…”

    Excellent. I think all your interviews should be conducted in other languages and then filtered through Google Translate!

  9. John says:

    I’m reminded of a movie (I can’t remember if it was Star Trek or Star Wars), rendered in Chinese, with very odd English subtitles. You can almost make a comic book dialogue with mis-translated English.

  10. dkk says:

    Why are you in a submarine?