Having a Wonderful Time…

Ah! So THIS is what a vacation feels like.

I’ll have a long plane ride Sunday to organize my pictures and thoughts on our enchanted visit to A Coruna, but right now I’m afraid we’re having too much fun with good friends and amazing food to blog much.

Here’s a blog-worthy item though while you’re waiting. Kurt has been posting some crazy-old art on his news page including several pages of “Once More With Feeling” a short subject he wrote and I drew in the summer between high school and college. It’s kind of wonderful and kind of terrible. Enjoy.


  1. So many great gems here…

    –Runner Up–
    We’ll get you! We’ll get you! We’re tough!

    –Grand Prize–
    I’ve always hated robots. They’re so…mechanical.

    Seriously though, I love the posting of your old stuff. You can really get a feel for the amount of work and passion that goes into creating something from scratch like that.

    Routine…has been disrupted