Hey, It’s Still There!

Long ago, reader/cartoonist Greg Stephens created a forum for the Morning Improv. The forum, like the Improv, is dormant at the moment, but one of the cool outcomes was the creation of a goofy thread called “What Else Does Scott Understand?” which included a lot of cool fan art.

I recently found the archive Greg put together and thought you guys might enjoy it.

(Also, I figured it would distract people from the fact that I haven’t even begun to organize my pictures from Spain and with a trip to Boston tonight, my prospects of getting to that in the next couple of days are dwindling).

Discussion (3)¬

  1. As someone who’s been in a production of Ubu Roi and actually read some of Alfred Jarry’s stuff on Pataphysics, I really appreciated this one: http://www.zwol.org/archive.php?understands=20040921

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the link, Scott. I knew I was saving those things for a reason!

    If anyone else knows what Scott understands, I’d be more than willing to add them to the gallery.

  3. Ray Radlein says:

    Dang. I was sure that I took part in that thread, somehwere, with a couple of ideas that I lacked the time/talent/equipment to create personally; but looking back, it appears I was wrong. I must have merely thought real hard at that thread, only to be surprised when my messages did not appear.

    Alternately, I was thinking “Scott Understands Crossovers” about this Morning Improv forum post of mine.

    At any rate, if I can ever remember the ideas I had, I will certainly at least try to consider the possibility of beginning the process of studying the notion of how I might attempt to create them.