Tastes Like Chicken

Ivy and I took way too many photos in Spain, some of which I’m still trying to wrangle after coming back from Woods Hole, but here’s something I had to share right away.

The festival guests at Vinetas desde O Atantico were frequently treated to “Pulpo a la gallega,” the region’s iconic octopus dish, but the strangest occasion had to be during our visit to A Coruna’s aquarium — in full view of real, living examples of the species. I got a cool video of one of them so here it is.

In other video news, Bert Hernandez’s magnificently insane kid’s show The Naked Cosmos is available again. Get it while you can.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Jacob says:

    Octopuses rule dude!
    But not when you eat them so much… : (

  2. apm says:

    they are beautiful – alive (i’m not a vegetarian, but anyway…).

  3. I love all of the octopus-as-food anxiety.
    Lobsters look like giant bugs, and we eat them.

    Anyways, it reminded me that I miss Nawlz.

  4. Jacob says:

    I”ve heard lobsters get bigger and healthier the older they live. They’ve found lobsters that are 100 years old and the size of a dog.
    I for one believe that there must be 1,000,000 year old super lobster at the bottom of the sea who know all… Don’t dis my religion.

  5. “Pulpo a la gallega” is one of my favourtie dishes in the world. My mum – who is from that part of spain – used to make it on special occasions when we were kids… when we could get the octopus (very expensive at that time in London).

    Now I live in Japan and Octopus is eveywhere! good times 🙂

  6. jdalton says:

    Octopuses are awesome! They have been known to escape aquariums on dry land, open jars, play with toys, and spit water at birds and electric lights with considerable accuracy. They are the world’s smartest invertebrates!