Racing the Volcano…

Ivy and I are in London for my talk Wednesday at UX London. We arrived a couple of days earlier to beat the ash cloud from Iceland’s ever-spewing Eyjafjallajokull (can you pronounce it? I’m working on it).
oyun oyna
Taking the week off from blogging. Back to regular updates Monday the 24th assuming the volcano gods are merciful.

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Felipo says:

    Coming to Toronto anytime soon?

    • Scott says:

      No plans at the moment, but keep and eye on this page and the sidebar for details on upcoming trips as they arise.

  2. Hi:) Good for you , that you managed to outrun the volcano:) I didn`t so i was stuck in Athens after Comicdom Con for 5 days because of the first eruption:)

  3. Kalev Tait says:

    I unexpectedly have a day off work tommorow, but UX is sold out. Care to have a random fan buy you dinner, or are you already engaged?

  4. chienne says:

    hi scott,

    your book was so interesting and funny, and…. amazing (yeah i found the best word). imagine! in my country, hungary, there is a university that want to let us know what is in your books! cool!

    eyv… eyyyy… i can’t pronounce that… YET!

    Could you give me some tips how to use adobe illustrator?

    thank you