Attention, Anyone Who’s Ever Invited Me to an Event on Facebook and not Bothered to Mention What City it’s in…

I’m going to be handing out HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS next Tuesday. Be there!

Location: Subway

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Katie says:

    I’ll organize people for all the Subways in Western Pennsylvania.

    Who wants to cover the other states? Sure we can manage to be at ALL SUBWAYS on Tuesday, right?

  2. Who said anything about the States? I’ll be in De l’Église station, soaking up phat fistfuls of Sir Robert Bordens all by myself!!

  3. Katie says:

    Good thinking, Strange Bundle!

    However, if we’re going to organize this properly, we need motivation. I think we need to come up with a system of splitting the money.

    Scott, could you tells us exactly HOW MANY hundred dollar bills there will be?

  4. I’ve got northwestern Oregon covered.

    Mostly with sarcasm.

    Heavy, heavy sarcasm.

    Also, I’m going to help Subway annex Quizno’s.

    It’s a matter of principle. Exactly what that principle is is unclear that the present time. War is not pretty: double that for hero sandwiches.

  5. Now will I be able to buy a $5 foot long at this Subway, or just ride some trains?

  6. Can we get it changed to a Friday? I usually stop then to pick a sub for Grandma and myself.

    Katie, since you’re taking western PA, I guess I’ll be your deputy in the Erie area.

  7. Alberto says:

    What do you mean subway? *This* city doesn’t even have a subway…

    Oh! You mean that sandwich place! I’M SO THERE!

  8. Like many people, I just had a tiny heart attack and ran to FB to double-check I posted all relevant geographical information.

    …I need to cut down on the coffee.

  9. Crosbie says:

    I’ll be in the UK in an ‘underpass’ under the street. Somewhere. Maybe the one between Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station.

  10. apples says:

    I can be in the Subway sandwich assembly outlet in Cambridge, UK next wednesday if that is ok. However, next tuesday I definitely can be in an underpass in Cambridge, UK. I am also able to arrange four friends to stand in all the tunnels at one time for their £66.0753.

  11. Ffree says:

    I am there. Where are you ( and my $100)?

  12. Kisai says:

    That’s clever Scott.
    “Subway” – The sandwich place or the mass transit (which would narrow it down to major cities.) And yes I’m pretty sure there are Subway sandwich shops in subway transit systems. 😀

  13. John says:

    I’m so glad you can make to that event I told you about!

    But first I have to build a subway by Tuesday. Does it have to be a full subway system? Can it be just two stations and a couple of hundred feet of track?
    Then I have to pick the right station so I have to plan to spend all Tuesday shuttling back and forth between stations so I don’t miss Scott! Dang, then I’ll miss the event.
    What to do, what to do?

  14. Quelsa Tonacrry says:

    There aren’t any subways in Colorado!

    Do you mean the light rail?

  15. John says:

    Wait, is this an event posted by Scott McCloud, Scott McLeod, Scot Mick Loud, It’s Got Mic Loud, or Brett Farve?

  16. DKK says:

    Can I get an AMEN?

    Facebook is like an eyelash stuck in your eye.