Technical Difficulties…

Having some problems uploading new images this morning for the post I was planning, so instead, I might as well link to this curiosity: a rare video of me that doesn’t make me cringe (filmed at last year’s Barcelona convention).

Discussion (7)¬

  1. travelman says:

    you don’t look stupid at all 🙂
    In fact it is very interesting interview.
    good luck

  2. travelman says:

    forgot to ask if you have any tutorials to watch online about how to do make nice story alive and how create nice characters.
    Regards Travelman

  3. Kate Chuu says:

    I think it is funny… While I was watching this, I kept imagining your avatar from the three books, and actually seeing the word balloons in my head 😛 Needless to say, you translate very well from person to comic character.

  4. Caio Marinho. says:

    Hi, Mr. McCloud. In the interview you said “you draw entirely digitally.” You do that even with storyboard and thumbnails, or you still do them in the drawing board, like you explained in “Making Comics”?

  5. Jethro McClellan says:

    — I’d love to hear what you think of the film ‘Temple Grandin’ In re the final ‘Putting it all together’ chapter of UC.

    — I once did (but don’t now) believe that there was no need to read about normal-ordinaries (NOs) in the real world when I could look at the real thing, that Oprah-club/drama books were boring, and that fantasy/superhero was more real than normal life.
    Last couple-three years, I’ve lived a few short blocks from the library, and it’s like ‘WHAT was I THINKING?” Seagle’s ‘It’s a Bird…”; Small’s “Stitches” (knocked me on my ASS!); Pekar’s “Another Dollar”; Guy DeLisle’s stuff; Tezuka’s “BlackJack” — which, being (mostly) non-real world autobio, segued into the somewhereinbetween EuroCool — Tardi, Trondheim, et al. — I’m now reading.