Sick Days…

Lost Tuesday to a hospital visit (kidney stone).

I’ll be fine, but it’s an ongoing thing and I’d like to make up the lost time, so I’ll be giving the blog a rest until Monday in order to get back to the drawing board as much as possible.

Still voted though! Ivy raced over and got me from the hospital to the polls here in So. Cal with only four minutes to spare. I love my wife.

See you Monday!

Discussion (7)¬

  1. T Campbell says:

    Ootch. I had one of those early this year. I’m hoping never again.

  2. M. Greco says:

    I had my first stone two months ago. Best of luck!

  3. Bluus says:

    Yikes >< Hope you feel better soon! I've never had a stone but I've had two pretty nasty kidney infections that took me out for quite a while…that is a painful organ!

  4. Andy says:

    Yikes. Get better soon!

  5. Will Curwin says:

    That sucks. Drink a lot of lemonade, I heard it helps. In the meantime, can someone comment on the comment that left on October 26. I don’t mean to wine about it, its just it forever to find the article I linked and I really do want to the opinons on it.

  6. hungarian fan says:

    Get better soon Mr.McCloud!