The Scattered Evidence of Emily Carroll

In the last few days, I received an email from Tim Kinnaird and several tweets alerting me to a haunting new online comic called His Face All Red.

See if you can carve out a few minutes without distractions to read it. You’ll be glad you did.

The artist, Emily Carroll, is a new name to me, but she’s obviously been at this for a while and her storytelling has the confidence of a veteran. I’ll be eager to see what she does next, but looking for evidence of what she’s done in the past has proved frustrating.

Notice how I didn’t add a link to her name in the above paragraph? That’s because I wasn’t sure which link to pick. She has a Livejournal. She has a Twitter handle. She has a Blogspot account. She even has her own domain, but if you go to the main page it’s just a “Coming Soon” page.

And none of them give the reader more than random, scattered evidence of who she is and what to expect from her in the future.

Carroll is the real thing. She deserves a more consolidated online presence.

She deserves some noise.

Discussion (17)¬

  1. Joe Grunenwald says:

    Here here! His Face All Red just might be the best online comic I’ve ever read. Haunting is definitely the best word for it. I can’t wait to see more of Ms. Carroll’s work.

  2. I second Mr’s Grunenwald’s comment!

    I found it delightfully appropriate that I found “His Face All Red” on All Soul’s Day (courtesy of Chris Baldwin)

  3. Mark Stroud says:

    I echo Joe’s comment. Someone tweeted the link around Halloween and it was the perfect read. more please.

  4. Samantha says:

    The link to “His Face All Red” went around my twitter circle around Halloween time. I enjoyed it SO much. (Just now hit the “follow” button on her twitter page. YAY!)

    Emily, More comix please!

  5. Nick Shaughtzer says:

    When I first read this I assumed it was by a well known artist that I hadn’t heard of simply because I am completely inept when it comes to keeping up with stuff like that. This is certainly an interesting development.

  6. EdKanerva says:

    The excellent Kate Beaton alerted me to this via the Tweet machine!

  7. […] Scott McCloud, finder of all things amazing and new, blogs briefly about Emily Carroll, the creator behind the overnight success that is His Face All Red. Steve mentioned in our (now lost to the Interether) most recent episode that I probably recognized her name from combining poet Emily Dickinson and author Lewis Carroll, which is entirely possible. The entire comic, all ten, infinitely-canvassed pages of it, is incredibly haunting and does a great job of evoking that classic horror style in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe. […]

  8. Javier says:

    The Death of José Arcadio, also in her blog, is simply great!

  9. Derrick says:

    Just so you guys know, I also recently found her work and was able to glean from one of her internet outlets(twitter, livejournal, blogspot) that the website actually is coming soon and is to give her an official “home-base” on the internet. Also, she has a flickr.

  10. Steve Weiner says:

    She’s really good. Thanks Scott!

  11. David Dedrick says:

    There is some information about her on the excellent Picture Book Report site, which is where I first found her work. She is illustrating Brave New World. Here is a link to her one-shot Short Report, which was turned into a continuing series of illos. You can follow the links once you’re there.


    • Scott says:

      Ah-ha! In that article this simple sentence:

      “…an animator living in Vancouver…”

      …tells me far more than I’ve known to the this point. Shouldn’t have been that hard to find out!

      If I can summarize my crazy-ass resume on a single page, surely anyone can.

  12. Brett Harder says:

    Wow… this is haunting… I love how she experiments with the page format too, really effective and inspiring!

  13. […] McCloud posted more information about the creator, who has a bit of a scattered online profile, on his blog. I am totally enamored with Carroll’s sensual faces and […]

  14. Arp says:

    Thank you – that was GREAT. Reposting/tweeting, she truly deserves the attention!