They’re Crawling Out of the Woodwork!

Well, it looks like this is turning into Promising New Talent Week!

Unsounded by Ashley Cope has a great mix of humor and drama, engaging characters, and the artwork gets better as it goes. Never heard of her, so yet another (presumably) young artist to keep our eyes on.

I’m consistently amazed by how many smart, talented new artists there are out there. It’s a shaky market and one might worry about how they’ll all make a living, but I’m encouraged that most seem to have the right skill set to not only cater to the readers we have now, but to create new readers, the way that Jeff Smith and others have over the years.

Unsounded seems to have begun about 5 months ago. I wonder what else I’m missing.

Any other suggestions?

[via Michael]

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  1. angieness says:

    Well, it’s not quite big epic exciting web comics but I go to a site called EnterVOID where we’re all about getting people into working on comics. While the quality is all over the place since we get people from all skill levels, it’s exciting seeing people drawing comics, some of which had never done so prior to joining the site. It’s at http://entervoid.com/

  2. E says:

    Are you missing CarpeChaos.com?

  3. From the first chapter of Unsounded, the top panel from this page particularly struck me:


    You’ll see how the panel appears to be on a separate “sheet” of paper from the rest of the page. And it’s actually wider than the standard page size: if you click and drag you’ll see how the artist carried the panel off the left edge of the page into a small margin .jpg.

    I note this as I know you share my interest in how comic artists can play visually with the constraints of their medium. Here we have a web comic artist who makes a show of being a paper comics artist, presenting her webcomic as a loose stack of inked “pages.”

  4. NateW says:

    May I humbly suggest my two web comics:
    E.I. (www.earthinvasion.com
    Time Corps (www.time-corps.com)

  5. Diana Nock says:

    Well, I think I have something interesting going with my main project right now, called The Intrepid Girlbot, if you wanna check it out: http://www.intrepidgirlbot.com/

    I’d really like to hear what you think of it.

  6. Lee Leslie says:

    Hate to be yet another carnival barker shouting my own name, but I do a funny little fantasy webcomic right here:


  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name, but it’s quite popular lately: http://hanna.aftertorque.com/

  8. fedora says:

    have you heard of americus? http://blog.saveapathea.com/

  9. quarktime says:

    I’ll be shameless and respectfully suggest my webcomic, Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time (http://quarktime.net).

  10. Pretty Jeff says:

    I think you would like my webcomic, Pretty Jeff, which started as an autobiographical webcomic and then it became semi-autobio and now I don’t know what it is anymore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Goodbye Chains (http://www.goodbyechains.com), Good Enough (http://www.trumpetshark.com), Hemlock (http://hemlock.smackjeeves.com/), Inhuman (http://www.inhuman-comic.com/), Epiphany (http://ianjay.net/), String Theory (http://www.stringtheorycomic.com), Templar Arizona (http://templaraz.com), Thistil Mistil Kistil (http://tmkcomic.depleti.com), and Skin Deep (http://girlamatic.com/skindeep/) are some that I can recommend right off the bat. I’ll probably post again later with more.

  12. Bonzi77 says:

    I emailed you this comic a while back, but I don’t know if you ever checked it out or not. It’s actually really new age-ish and I’m not even really sure if it qualifies as a comic or not, but it is a serial.