Friday Odds and Ends

Congratulations to Jim Woodring for actually building and using that big-ass pen I told you about a while back! Some pictures via Bart Beaty here and a video here (links via twelve zillion people, but I think I read about it on Comics Reporter and the Beat first).

Another notable new webcomic to check out: Doug Tennapel’s Ratfist (thanks to Corey Mcdaniel for the heads-up). Also realized that Kris Dresen’s She Said is gathering steam. Hop on board before its done.

And via Snail Mail, two books about comics:

The comics-format To Teach: The Journey in Comics by Bill Ayers (yes, that Bill Ayers apparently) and Ryan Alexander-Tanner, which looks intriguing, and The Rise of the American Comics Artist: Creators and Contexts, which I have an interview in, but looks plenty interesting anyway.

Finally, congratulations to Sarah Oleksyk on the publication of the collected Ivy. I’ve read them all, but I’m happy for the excuse to read them again.

Have a great weekend!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Holy smokes! That Jim Woodring is a force of nature! I’m so glad he got to see this through.

    Doug TenNapel’s ‘Ratfist’ is awesome. It’s going to be tough surviving the weekend without updates, but it’s worth it to know that five more high-quality pages will be up again next week!

  2. Max West says:

    That giant dipping pen is awesome! I wonder if he’s got a giant bottle of ink to go with it.