Notes from Hibernation #2

This blog is going to be pretty quiet this year while I continue work on the graphic novel, but wanted to pass along a couple of links.

Congratulations to Spike and Diana Nock for a successful Kickstarter for Poorcraft, and to Jeff Parker and Erika Moen for the recently completed Bucko, both of which will be out soon in book form.

Also recently completed is Kane Lynch’s The Relics and if you have an Android phone, be sure to put some Merlin in it.

Two artists in trouble this month: S. Clay Wilson and Tony DeZuniga. Help if you can.

Two recent passings that struck a chord: The great Moebius, who had a huge influence on me (and most of my generation probably). Also very sad to hear of the loss of Peter Bergman of Firesign Theatre fame. I had the pleasure of spending time with Peter at a conference in Colorado about 15 years ago and was able to tell him how much his work had shaped my teen years. Moebius, I met only once (at Comic-Con). I told him he changed my life and he just laughed and said “I’m so sorry!”

That’s all for now. Back to the Cintiq. Many pages yet to draw, so you won’t hear from me much for a while, but I hope it’ll be worth the wait.

You can also find me on both Twitter and Google+ (where I pop-up a little more often than here).

[Image from the cool webcomic Poppa Bears found via Spurge]

Discussion (5)¬

  1. I just saw your performance as Board Man at SPACE this weekend, you’re an amazing actor I hardly recognized you!

  2. Pat Race says:

    Nice to see you come up for air from time to time, keep up the Cintiqing! I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. mafya says:

    nice. i can’t wait to see it myself

  4. Bob Morgan says:

    Just attended one of Mark Siegel’s Graphic Novel worksops in Asheville, NC where he mentioned you were working *VERY* hard on you graphic novel. I’m a BIG fan of your work, and I’m thrilled about this. I look forward to reading it when you’re done!